Everybody is either happy about AI or freaking out about AI. There's a tremendous amount of fear, especially among blue collar workers about the possibility of an AI driven device taking your job. On the other side of the coin, there's a whole lot of speculation about the potential jobs for programming and writing AI software. Although there is also the possibility of AI writing AI software. 

What about job opportunities. 


According to axios.com,
Seattle, San Francisco and San Jose are the country's top three new AI job hotspots, a recent analysis finds. Why it matters: The numbers underscore what some of Seattle's business and tech leaders have been promising: The city will emerge as one of the key hubs for artificial intelligence innovation, as Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan touted last year.” 

The article went on to say that as of last week, there were over 3000 jobs available in artificial intelligence. 

Nvidia Holds Its GTC: Artificial Intelligence Conference
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At this point. If I were at a certain age, I wouldn't be looking for a job in AI, I would be looking for a school of AI. Right now, the University of Washington is offering a curriculum in artificial intelligence. The Paul G. Allen School Of Computer science and engineering. Just a quick look at the website shows that they are very interested in teaching advanced theories of artificial intelligence. 

If you were going to prosper in this new world, you need the education that gets you where you need to be. 

Pedestrians Share The Streets With Food Delivery Robots In Parts Of Los Angeles
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According to Axios Com,
The big picture: In a year marked by layoffs in the technology, manufacturing and financial sectors, the Seattle area remains among the nation's top 10 overall job markets, according to an assessment by the Wall Street Journal and Moody's Analytics.” 

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As one factory worker was quoted saying. “If I'm going to lose my current job to a robot, I need to learn how to program that robot.” 

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