How much does it cost you to drive?  Let's do a little math. Every week for me, my round trip daily averaged about 20 miles. And then on the weekend, I didn't drive quite as much. So, let's call it 15 miles for the weekend on Friday, on Saturday and Sunday. That comes to about 130 miles a week. And the car was driving at the time, got about 20 miles to the gallon, so. I wound up spending approximately $30 a week just driving. (Based on current regular gas price at $4.55.) 

The three different gas prices at the gas station

Full disclosure, except for long trips I don't buy gas anymore.

The last time I went on a long trip driving the minivan, I had to fill up the tank and it cost me about $68. (That did get me to and from the event.) 

All of that leads up to the fact that, according to AAA, Washington's gas prices are going up. Up nearly 6% from a year ago, that figures to about $0.25 a gallon. 

Expensive Gas Prices

According to,
Gas prices in the state have gone up 1.7% in just a week and more than 10% over the past month, leading a gallon of gas to cost $4.55 on average for regular, $4.79 for mid-grade, $5.01 for premium and $4.69 for diesel.” 

Nationally gas has bounced up about 14% more than $0.40 a gallon. It can be even worse in nearby states like Utah. (increased by 60 cents) 

Gas Price Humor

according to AAA this kind of thing happens every year at this time, Prices always go up in the spring. An Olympia. They're trying to figure out some way to bring some relief to our Washington drivers. One idea that's being floated is a $200 rebate to all Washington. residents on their utility bills to compensate for high gas prices derived from the Washington State Cap-and-Invest Program.

Watch the video link above, think about it and ask yourself if the high gas prices are worth this.

Close-up of almost empty fuel gauge

Washington gas prices hit 2024 high, up 28% over national average - 

Climate Commitment Act - Washington State Department of Ecology 


Gas Prices Around The World

Gas prices are impacting people all around the world. Kiglinger published a report in early June that shows how expensive it is to fill up in other countries.

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