They call it the Sun Banks Blues Festival, but in the spring it's really the Sun Banks Music Festival. A variety of Blues, roots music, Americana, Country, and singer songwriters. 

Over the years, this has turned into one of my favorite events to go to, and not just because I work on it but because the music selection is eclectic and of high quality. The gentleman that produces this event is a guy by the name of Billy Stoops. He has decades of experience in the music industry both as a performer and as a producer and he always puts together a great show.

There are three Sun Banks, music festivals and the first takes place. In May. Let's run down the lineup and the schedule. They are all 21 and older events.

May 16-20, 2024 Sunbanks Blues, Americana, Country Festival
Thursday Night in the Cantina, Friday-Sunday on the Main Stage!

Thursday, May 16 

8:00 Kevin Sutton Trio
10:00 Norman Baker Trio

I have to say that I'm not familiar with either of these bands, but this is a very. Intimate performance setting. (Almost acoustic.) It's a great warm up for what's coming starting

Friday, May 17 

4:00 CD Woodbury 
I have heard CD Woodbury several times, and not only do they have what I think is the best band T-shirt available, they always put on a great show. 

6:00 Billy Stoops & the Dirt Angels

Yes, you guessed it. This is the guy that produces the show. He is played in a solo format, dual format. Several different kinds of bands, including Junkyard Jane. And this band is his latest endeavor. An amalgam of country and Blues. 

8:00 Midnight Revival
I have not yet had the opportunity to hear Midnight Revival. I'm really looking forward to it.
10:00 Curtis Salgado

Call it Blues, Call it soul, Call it R&B. This guy has it, Curtis Salgado comes from the Portland, OR, area and just one of his many claims to fame over the years is that he's the guy to taught Dan Ackroyd How to play harmonica.

Saturday, May 18 

12:30 Mark Hurwitz Combo
2:00 Tylor & the Train Robers

I have not yet heard these guys live, but I've checked out the videos and this looks like a really rocking country band. They're going to be a lot of fun. 

4:00 Feliz Y Los Gatos
6:00 John Bunzow
John bunzo comes from the Portland area. he's a singer songwriter and leans toward Americana. His songs are insightful and I think you will like him. 

8:00 Ben Rice & the PDX Hustle

Ben Rice is a Rockin’ Blues/Rock guitarist. His bands are always hot and tight. He writes great original tunes and puts on an awesome show. (Tons of energy.)

10:00 Fat James Tribute
Guitarist Fat James was a legend in the Northwest as a player and as a person. This performance gathers some of the great guitar players in the northwest that want to pay tribute to his skill and artistry. 

Sunday, May 19 

12:30 Joel Gibson Jr.
2:00 Rae Gordon Band

Ray Gordon comes from the Portland area. She brings with her an amazing voice and she always has a great band.

4:00 Davisson Brothers
The only thing I can say about the Davidson brothers is look out, they will blow you away. Yes, they are technically a country band but they are going to rock the stage and you will love it. 

6:00 Hamilton Loomis

I've had the privilege of hearing Hamilton Loomis many times over the years with many different versions of his band. They are always great. Most of his show will be originals They are cleverly, well constructed songs. (Always with a great hook.) with blues overtones. He will probably do a few cover songs and he always makes them his own every time. You will love it. He is equally skilled at guitar, vocals and harmonica. Sometimes it seems like he's doing them all at the same time. It'll be a great way to cap off the weekend. 

Remember this is a 21 and older event.

Go to the website link below to get your weekend passes and campsite reservations.

Sunbanks Blues Festival ( 

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