With the proliferation of digital devices in your pocket and car, the possibilities for driving distracted are high. I drive a newer car and it has all kinds of functions and features to make it easier to drive but it also has multiple screens and touchpads necessary to operate. 
I can answer and talk on the phone hands free. I can adjust the volume of my radio hands free, but I can't adjust the climate control hands free. There are several functions in my car where I must look away from the road just for a moment to change the settings. Does that mean I have to pull over and stop to change those settings? I probably should. 

Texting sms while driving

Mercury Insurance recently did a survey of 1000 active drivers. Here are some things that they discovered. 

“26% of active drivers have either come close or been in an accident due to texting and driving. 

66% of active drivers admit to using their phone while driving. 

67% of active drivers do not wait until they’ve reached their destination before checking phone notifications. 

86% of active drivers think people are more distracted while driving compared to five years ago. 

58% of active drivers are less likely to be on their phones when they have passengers in the car. 

48% of active drivers have been distracted by their navigational system”. 

Tow Truck Wreck

Yes, no big surprise. Smartphones are the biggest culprit for distracted driving. It can be an issue even if you're using your phone hands free. 

And this is a surprise for me. Apparently using your NAV is an issue. Mercuryinsurance.com says. 

“Navigational systems are another source of distraction for drivers. While these tools are often essential for navigating streets and highways, the constant stream of real-time information they provide can draw attention away from the road ahead, as 48% of respondents have been distracted by their navigational system.” 

Texting and driving wreck hitting pedestrian

I'm pretty sure. All of us are guilty of some distracted driving habits. All I can say is cut it out. I'll try if you try. 

If you're interested in reading the rest of the results of this survey, just click here. 

 Mercury Insurance blog.  

Excuse me now, I have to finish eating this burrito while I'm driving.  


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