I'm pretty much like anybody when I'm shopping, I like to save money. However, if saving money requires a phone app, I'm not inclined to do it. Me. I don't want to give up that real estate on my phone in order to save $0.50 on an order of Nuggets.  

chicken nuggets

I did notice that Target claims that they're going to pay me to go shopping there, so I read their news release, and it had some interesting things, but it's not as easy as it sounds. 

According to corporate.target.com, “It's all about the target circle experience.” They used to have what they call the target red card. Well, that's changed. And now it's the target circle card and you still need it to get discounts. 


And it's still a card. I have too many cards in my wallet now. The target circle experience not only requires the card, but you have. Two different programs you can get in on. One program is free. The other program costs you money. (Yes, that's right, it costs you money to save money.) 

If you have the target circle card, you can save an extra 5% at checkout on average. The second plan is called Target Circle 360. This program costs you $49.00 for the first year. Which says to me that it's going to be more for the 2nd year. (How much more?) 

Depending how you shop Target Circle 360 could save you some serious money,  


Target 360 offers you several perks including free same day delivery. Some items are delivered in as little as an hour with no delivery fees. And they can deliver to your door or someone else's door with free two-day shipping. 

The whole thing kicks off April 7th and you have from the 7th to May 18th to get yourself signed up.  

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So, the question is, am I going to do it? And the answer is probably not. I haven't shopped at Target in years, the last thing I bought there was an atomic clock. 

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