THANKSGIVING: A Singles Path Less Taken

So here we are. Thanksgiving time again. In the past few years, I’d fly to Vegas to spend the holiday with my sister’s family. Sitting poolside, enjoying the warmth of the sun, drinking lovely adult beverages, and laughing about our crazy and embarrassing antics of our wonder years. And even though I’m not a football fan, I’d put up with watching my sister rooting for the Cowboys. I believe that’s a team from Dallas. And because I have quite a few friends who have also moved to Sin City,  I’d get to visit with them as well, pretending we’re 20 years old again. 

Then bright and early on Turkey Day, the smell of the aroma of my brother-in-law in the kitchen working his magic to make a tasty Thanksgiving meal, with a goal to be as memorable as my grandmother’s cooking. May I say, even year, he and my sister out do themselves to make it fantastically traditional. The only difference is, our grandparents as well as mom and dad, have long passed away. But with every bite of the made-from-scratch stuffing and lumpy mashed potatoes, it’s like they’re all there, along with my aunts and uncles, all dressed in suits and dresses. Awww, to have them back. Even if it means I have to sit at the ‘kids table’ again. 

But this year, I’m not able to make it to Vegas, for a lot of reasons. Let’s just say, forgive the pun, I have a lot on my plate. Plus there’s the lack of flights out of Pangborn Airport. So what’s there to do for a single guy who’s relatively new in town? I know. This sounds like a set up for a romantic Hallmark Christmas movie, right? 

Well, this isn’t my first solo rodeo. I’ve learned that if you look around, there’s great ways to get through the Thanksgiving holiday. 

There’s always a church service with a loving message of gratitude and blessings that will fill the heart and soul with joyfulness. Thanksgiving services often opens my own eyes to see the unseen everyday blessings that can only be compared to the likes of simply breathing. 

There’s being a blessing as well, like serving the community. There are plenty of organizations great and small you can take part in. There was a year where my then wife and I delivered Thanksgiving meals to those who couldn’t get around. Let me tell ya, I met so many awesome people with such great life stories that day. 

If you’re daring to dine alone, there are a few places that serve up a Thanksgiving meal. A quick google search found places like Andreas Keller in Leavenworth or simply Denny’s in Wenatchee. There was a couple of years where a former boss of mine and I would go to Marie Callender’s, which always served up a fantastic meal. Oh….and the pies. Yummm. Of course as always, check availability at some places, as they only take reservations. 

Speaking of going out, there are a few coffee places with open doors on Thanksgiving. And not that it should be a place to hook up, but several Thanksgiving mornings were spent at Starbucks where there were a lot of other singles starting their day. And if your face isn’t buried in your laptop or smartphone, you could meet some new faces. 

Or perhaps your brain needs a rest from school or work, and you just want to stay home. There’s plenty to do…besides cleaning the house. Which I should probably do. Eventually. Thanksgiving weekend tends to be the time people put up a Christmas tree. Think ahead and be ready to do that while listening to some Christmas tunes. Spend time in the kitchen making a Thanksgiving meal. Try something odd or new when cooking. You may discover something fantastic that you can share next year for you Thanksgiving. 

Or how about a movie marathon? I’ve learned that there are people who spend Thanksgiving watching all three Godfather films. Or maybe all three Back to the Future movies. Oh sure you can finally binge watch Yellowstone. But another tradition is catching an I Love Lucy or Twilight Zone marathon on TV. There are cable channels that always runs these two marathons. 

And then there’s the option of just going into work. I know, I know, I know. I KNOW! Yes, there are going to be some who do have to go into work, such as our police officers and other emergency workers. There are others who, like I’ve stated above who want to serve our community one way or another. And we are thankful for them. But for the rest of us who are work-a-holics. We make excuses to go into work to catch up on the paperwork. Or to be able to get work done without any interruptions. Or just to keep ourselves busy because we’re not able to be with family and friends. Trust me when I tell you. You deserve this time off. Please do yourself a favor and don’t. Do something different this Thanksgiving. Even if it’s something not on this list. Listen. I can hit you with all the cliches you’ve heard time after time like, ‘life is short’, or…or…ah…well…there’s a lot of cliches! Trust me! My grandma said a few of them while cooking that Thanksgiving meal. And I’m blessed today because of them.

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