This year's best Christmas present 

Lots of Gift boxes on wood, christmas presents in paper

Every year I’m always a last-minute Christmas shopper. I have joked for years that I do my shopping on Christmas eve and wind up buying everyone Slim Jim’s at 7/11.  

attachment-Slim Jim

At the company Christmas party for the gift exchange, I buy chocolate so I can watch my co-workers fight over it. The only thing more popular at the gift exchange is booze.  

This year I’m going to change it up. This year everyone gets “Baby Yoda”. Everyone!

attachment-Yoda Pillow

My kids, their kids, co-workers, the mailman, the guys that mow my lawn, everyone. The only thing I can think of that would be more fun to give for Christmas would be a Baby Yoda drone. Think of it, a Baby Yoda flying around the house with a tiny light-saber saying things like “a Baby Yoda I am” or “change my batteries you will”. 


I’m convinced this is the way to go for the holidays. Agree I hope you will. 

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