Wait. Why do we have to fall back again?

I was under the impression that the US Senate recently ended the time change?

Yes and no. I’ll explain later below.

So, as our families plan on what we’re going to wear for Halloween and who’s house we’re going to spend Thanksgiving with...we’re also going to have to remember to turn back our clocks in a couple of weekends.

Here we go again (and hopefully for ONE LAST TIME)

We will shift back to Pacific Standard Time: Falling back one hour, November 6th (the first Sunday of November) at 2am.


We will then Spring forward: The second Sunday of March in 2023
THAT will be the week where my body will complain and hurt.

Instead of getting out of my bed, just after 5am, my body, mind, soul (and my cats for that matter) will think I’m starting my day just after 4am!

credit: Connor
credit: Connor

Studies have shown that losing an hour of sleep has caused:

* severe health issues

* auto accidents

* sleepy pedestrians (with smartphones in hand) stepping into moving vehicles at a higher rate - or is it the other way around?


In general our Nation’s GNP (the Gross National Product) goes down - we aren’t awake enough to produce like we should.


Last Winter, the US Senate fully passed THE SUNSHINE PROTECTION ACT.

Source: KING 5 TV

This was a time that EVERYONE in the US Senate agreed on something!  They then passed this historic act to the House, who must still vote it into law and have it signed by the President.

We’re guessing this is going to actually happen, in an upcoming Congressional session. BUT we still have to Fall back and Spring forward - once again.

Hopefully one last time.

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