So, this time of year when it's cold outside. I tend to think about comfort food. Not a lot of salads in my diet during the winter. (That's probably why I look the way I look.) Be that as it may, when I think of comfort food, I think of casseroles, seafood, Mexican, Italian. But for me, the ultimate comfort food, I think, is pizza. 

When it's cold and I'm hungry, nothing makes me happier than pizza. I don't know why, there's no explanation, I just am. So, I thought I would take a little tour around the Wenatchee area and look at all the different great places that make all kinds of pizza. 

The restaurants I'm going to list are in no particular order of excellence. But they all create great pizza. So, let's get started. 

Lemolo Cafe & Deli, 114 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee,
I've been eating lunch at Lemolo Cafe and Deli through two owners And the food has always been excellent. I love the pizza.

On EdS172  Says.
“The menu is on the wall and is quite extensive. You order at the till and pick up your food when they call your name. We shared a pizza and it was excellent. Just the right amount for two for lunch.”   

Garlini's, 212 5th St, Wenatchee,
I've been eating at Garlini's since they were in East Wenatchee. The pasta is very good, but the pizza is great.

Checking the review on said.
“Came by a couple of times to take home a pizza. Pizza was pretty good. Staff were friendly and didn’t have to wait long for them to see me even though it was extremely busy one day. We will come again.” 

Fire at Pybus Public Market, 7 N Worthen St, Wenatchee,
loading... didn't have any reviews, but I will tell you personally, firsthand the pizza is wonderful and very understated. Great ingredients. The crust is amazing. if you love pizza you need to try it. 

Rail Station & Ale House, 29 N Columbia St Wenatchee,
I must confess that I have not tried the pizza at the rail station. Although I have had some other food there, always good. Service is always good. I have been told many times that I need to get off my **** and go there for the pizza.

Daryl L. on yelp says,
“Great food and service, would go there any day for lunch and dinner. Also a good bar stock. Go you'll enjoy it. Great place for gatherings of large groups also. Location is easy to get to.” 

Abby’s Legendary Pizza, 702 Grant Rd East Wenatchee,
The East Wenatchee location is tops and my choice will always be the Linguisa pizza. It's the best.

On Yelp. Brenda J. says, 
“Absolutely love their pizza, including the gluten free crust! Service is always friendly, quick and efficient with little wait time.” 

Look, I know there's other great pizza out there, these are just the top ones that I wanted to mention, and while doing my search, I found other pizza places I had never even been to before. I have check these places out too. (oh, the things I do for my job). 

What is your favorite comfort food and where do you find it?  

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