When it comes to arts and crafts or decorating the house for the holidays one of the "go to" places in the Wenatchee Valley is Hobby Lobby. I personally am not much of an interior decorator. Oh yes, I have found a few things to put in this studio. Other than that, not so much.  

According to hobby lobby.com “Hobby Lobby is primarily an arts-and-crafts store but also includes hobbies, picture framing, jewelry making, fabrics, floral and wedding supplies, cards and party ware, baskets, wearable art, home decor and holiday merchandise.” 

If you're not familiar with Hobby Lobby, you probably don't know that their company is pretty much a Christian organization. Most of their policies are based on their Christian beliefs including not working on Sunday. Not providing birth control coverage for their employees. And most recently, discontinuing any Hanukkah decorations. 

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My interpretation is, if you don't celebrate Christmas, they don't want you to come to their store. 

Most recently, somebody took a screenshot of an e-mail that they saw that shows that Hobby Lobby is apparently no longer including any Hanukkah merchandise in their store. None at all. 

“After careful consideration, the decision has been made to discontinue the sale of certain seasonal markets, which will include Hanukkah merchandise at this time. Making this decision now will allow us the opportunity to refresh some of our core seasonal merchandise. While it is not our intention to replace these items the value of our customers, feedback and suggestions is priceless. We appreciate your understanding during this time of transition.”

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Read into this whatever you want, but I get the impression that all Hobby Lobby stores have made the decision that they celebrate Christmas, and only Christmas during the holidays, and if you celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Festivus or whatever. You are just out of luck.  

Check out their website and see what you think. 

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