The Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) reports that impaired driving resulted in a 20-year high for fatal collisions in 2021, with even more collisions expected in 2022.

Preliminary data from the end of October in 2022 showed a 15% increase in collisions compared to the previous year, with approximately 639 Washington drivers dead from fatal collisions.

Over 120 state law enforcement agencies will be taking part in High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) patrols throughout New Year’s day, in order to prevent additional fatalities.

WTSC advises those who may be impaired during the holidays to avoid a DUI by either getting a ride from a sober friend, calling a rideshare, or sleeping in instead of driving.

Those planning on drinking alcohol or using cannabis should also plan to find a sober ride ahead of time.

Drivers experiencing side effects from a prescription medicine or are extremely drowsy can also be labeled as an impaired driver and should avoid driving if possible.

If you encounter someone who may be driving while impaired, or is driving erratically, please call 911 and report the driver.

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