In the last decade, we've seen forest fires destroy and even wipe out some of the most beautiful landmarks in the Pacific North West. As summer has gotten hotter and more people have decided to try out camping or even just going on road trips, it's important to be self-aware.

Forest Fires can start in an instant and take off even faster, if you're the cause of the forest fire you'll be looking at fines that will take you your entire life to pay off. Here are some helpful tips so you're not the cause of the next giant wildfire.

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5.) Don't Let Chains Drag Behind Your Car

One of the most common reasons for brush fires or other fires near freeways and roads has to do with chains dragging on campers, trucks, or any other vehicles, All it takes is one little spark to hit a dry patch of grass for it to take off. Secure your loads and anything that may be hanging from your vehicle.

4.) Be Vigilant of Camp Fires

When Camping it's customary to have a campfire, gather around it, and make some smores while sharing stories. It's all good fun unless everyone falls asleep with the fire still raging. If you plan to leave the fire at any point it's your job to put that fire out. Keep a bucket of water and dirt on hand, dumping the water on the fire will put it out, and the dirt with smothering any other embers or coals. If you want to play it extra safe, keep a fire extinguisher on hand.

3.) Don't Toss your cigarettes 

Another large cause of forest or bush fires comes from people carelessly tossing their lit cigarettes out of their car window. People who have done so have been caught using the DNA left over on the cigarette or from reports. So instead of tossing it out the window buy an ashtray for your car and be smart about how you dispose of the butts. A fire could cost you a long time in jail.

2.) Knock Off The Fireworks 

The 4th of July is over, not to mention it's also illegal to have and use a majority of fireworks. When handled they can explode and cause serious bodily damage to you and others around you. After they've been lit and have taken off you're not leaving it up to chance that it won't come down and ignite something in its path. Not only will you be fined for the cause of the fire, but as well as using the fireworks in question, Play it safe and just save what you have left over for the New Year.

1.) Report Any Sign Of Fire

Some people assume if there's fire more than likely someone has already reported it. Even small brush fires on the freeway can take off and spread fast, if you see any sign of a fire it's better to report it and pass along the information than just do nothing. If you see someone starting a fire or acting strange it's better to report it and stop something from going wrong.


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