US 2 was closed twice over the weekend due to avalanche slides, while US 97A was closed on Sunday due to rock slides.

US 2 is currently closed between MP 85-99, or from west of Leavenworth to Coles Corner, due to multiple avalanche slides.

On Saturday, that portion of US 2 was closed for over four hours but reopened by Saturday evening. By Sunday morning, that area was shut down again.

US 97A is closed north of Entiat at MP 220 due to multiple rock slides.

WSDOT spokesperson Lauren Loebsack said dangerous weather conditions are currently prohibiting crews from assessing the situations.

“What happens is when you have these warmer temperatures and mixed rain and snow, that’s exactly where avalanche concerns live,” Loebsack said. “Also that water and that moisture starts to erode slopes and that can cause not just snow slides but mudslides and debris slides.”

To avoid the closure on US 2, drivers under 26,000 GVW can take SR 207 and Chumstick Highway as detours. 

For US 97A, drivers traveling between Wenatchee and Chelan can take US 2/97 through Orondo on the east side of the Columbia River

Loebsack said crews will return Monday morning to check whether they will be able to clear either blockage on US 2 or US 97A.

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