When I was a kid, during the winter my parents, OK, my dad, was very clear about the temperature inside the house. And that we needed to shut the door because,” We're not heating the outdoors.” (the inverse was true if you were standing with the refrigerator door open) Back then the primary source of heat in our house was an oil burning furnace, it was not cheap. Several years later, my dad converted our furnace over to natural gas, it was cheaper but still pricy. 

Thermometer on snow shows low temperatures under zero.

Is there a best temperature to keep the house at during the winter? 
Apparently the answer is yes. I'm not particularly stingy. because we are very lucky to live in Chelan and Douglas counties where electricity is so inexpensive. My personal comfort zone is 70 degrees. When I'm bopping around in the house, it's usually shorts and a T-shirt. When I'm out of the house, it goes down to 65. 65 is also my sleeping temperature, I seem comfortable there. 

What is the optimal temperature to keep the heat at during the winter? 

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Now this is kind of interesting according to the Department of Energy, we need to be setting our winter thermostat for 68 degrees word you're at home. I'm sorry but I've tried that too and I feel chilled at that temperature, so I have to get it up to 70 when I get home. 

If I was living in Seattle, yes, I would probably go down to 68 degrees. But over here I'm going 70 all the way. 

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What temperature do you actually keep your thermostat set to during the winter? 

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