Ok the holidays are over for the time being. You received a bunch of Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, etc. Cards. What do you do with all of the holiday “well wishes,” once the seasons are over? Below are some awesome Ideas for your cards.  

  1. Keep a folder of each year. At the end of the holidays every year, gather up those cards and save them in a file, maybe file them according to year or all in one, but how fun would that be to go back and look at? 
  2. Keep the “latest one” only from family that you adore. Especially if they have signatures. I have seen people use the cards later on after the person has past, to use the signature for a tattoo. 
  3. Keep them up all year and replace as you get more from the families. Always nice to see smiling faces from family photos of those you love.  
  4. Need a Bookmark? I mean it’s kind of pushing it, but if you have to spend a dollar on a bookmark, you’ve already spent too much. 
  5. Cut the pictures out and frame them! I mean hello! You are always needing to update pictures as it is! 
  6. Throw them away/recycle. Let’s be honest, they will never know, and if they ask, you “filed them away 

However, you choose to keep or toss those “Well Wishes” Cards from the holiday’s be sure to reflect on how thankful you are to even receive one, it’s a very nice gesture from the giver 😊. 

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