Today, I find myself pondering what it would be like if the Wenatchee Valley had a universe of super heroes and villains all its own?

Who would they be and what unique powers would they possess?

I think it's pretty clear that one of Wenatchee's most well renown super heroes would have to be Super Apple! And although his backstory might not read like that of Superman's, at least he could have an alter ego similar to Clark Kent's but with a more appropriate name for North Central Washington, like Cody Kaiden or something close to that?


Or perhaps Super Apple isn't a man or a humanoid at all but rather is actually a human-sized apple instead? That'd be cool, huh?

And what about the "Super" in Super Apple? What are the things that would make Wenatchee's premier superhero so super anyway?

I would think one of Super Apple's super abilities would be juicing. As in, he could turn anything into liquid with just the wave of his arm...or at least leech all of the moisture out of whatever it is!


Super Apple would also no doubt be able to make apple trees grow from seed to enormous sizes in mere seconds and plant them anywhere.

Another cool power Super Apple might possess is the ability to remain perfectly healthy at all times. I mean after all, an apple a day is said to keep the doctor away, so if Super Apple were an actual apple, how could that not be the case?

Now Super Apple can't be alone in his day-to-day operations...whatever those might be. So like any good superhero, he'd need a faithful sidekick too.


Enter Pear Boy! He'd be a lot like Super Apple but with fewer super powers of course.

But Pear Boy would still need to retain a certain skillset of proclivity that would make him a worthy companion. So perhaps he could do something fantastic like summon swarms of bees and communicate with them? That sounds perfect!

But we'd have to assume that our dynamic tandem of Super Apple and Pear Boy wouldn't do something completely mundane with all of their time like manage a dry cleaning business. No way! Just like any other superheroes, they'd have a sworn mission to fight nefarious doings and protect the jurisdiction they call home.

However, in order to fulfill this most noble of obligations, they'd need a few super villains to do battle with of course.

Enter then, a trio of menacing miscreants that I think would all make great adversaries for our fruity duo.


The first would be named Master Maggot, and he would serve as the defacto leader of this tyrannical trio.

Master Maggot of course would be the arch nemesis of Super Apple, since he'd basically be a really big apple maggot - and we all know the kind of pest those things are to real life apples, don't we?


Master Maggot's cadre of evil doers would also include a character called Wildfire Woman. And she'd be just that...a woman made of fire who could wreak havoc by burning anything to the ground in seconds and producing deadly shrouds of smoke too!

And finally, I picture a villainous character known as DDT. This highly toxic pesticide was outlawed years ago in real life, but in the super universe of the Wenatchee Valley, it would serve as the inspiration for this menace whose deadly power is the ability to poison at will.

Yes, that would be a pretty nifty little universe to be sure. And I know it obviously isn't close to being anything we know to be real, but at least it can exist within the poofy bubbles of imagination floating above my head.

Oh, and by the way...happy National Superhero Day! ;-)

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