The other day I was letting my mind wander and I thought, who has the coolest tree house? Now I was just thinking somebody's tree house in the back yard but there is a whole rental market for upscale overnight tree house rentals. You can find them on and if you do a Google search you will find any number of lists to choose from. The list I am working from is on Not all of the Houses on the list were actually tree houses so I tried to only include legit tree houses.
According to 

The Eagle’s Perch, Rockport, WA

“This is an octagonal Washington State treehouse it is an off-grid rental through and through, you will need to bring everything from blankets to hygiene products at this all-natural resort.” 

Secluded Treehouse, Goldendale, WA

“The first thing you’ll notice is the deck on the first level, it comes with seating, a barbecue grill and an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding forest.” 

Treehouse With Panoramic Views, Olympia, WA

“The deck blends seamlessly into the surrounding trees and is equipped with a propane grill, on top of offering amazing views of your surroundings. What’s more, you’ll be able to enjoy an instant supply of hot water in the communal shower area nearby.” 


“Then there’s the porch swing, the grilling area, and fire pit with ample seating – this house truly has it all. With about 10 acres of property to explore and only 3 other rentals in the vicinity, your stay will be extremely quiet without making you feel completely isolated.” 

The Squirrel’s Nest, Redmond, WA

“Located in Redmond, the house some 20-odd miles from downtown Seattle, meaning you can make a quick and easy drive to a number of great restaurants and big-city attractions. As for the property itself, you’ll have access to a number of great hiking trails mere minutes from The Squirrel’s Nest, just waiting to be explored.” 

Pete Nelson Treehouse

“Featuring everything you could possibly need, from a loft and comfy bedding to a sitting area and a large television, the interior will charm you within seconds of you setting foot inside.” 

The Pond Perch Treehouse, Concrete, WA

“The view from the deck is unlike any other, as it beautifully blends the pond, forest, and mountains into a picture-esque daydream. The interior is also beautiful, featuring homely and comfortable furniture, including a fireplace.” 

Osprey Treehouse, Stevenson, WA

“Thanks to its unique take on treehouse design, the Osprey Treehouse is one of Washington’s standout nature rentals. 
The octagonal shape gives the house a very interesting aesthetic, not to mention the fact it allows for more windows, and ergo, more natural light throughout the day.” 

Treehouse with a View, Mukilteo, WA

“Boasting incredible views of the Cascade Range and the orange sunset over the quaint neighborhood, the house is every height lover’s dream come true. The interior is quite nice in its own right, featuring a fireplace for maximum comfort and a private bathroom only a short walk away.” 

Eagles Perch, Port Angeles, WA

“The interior is dominated by beautiful wooden textures, and the occasional touches of white and red give the place a beautiful flair of luxury.” 

Eagles’ Bluff Treehouse, Vashon, WA

“The beautiful, off-grid treehouse stands out thanks to the view from its amazing balcony/deck area, which is surrounded by green from virtually all angles.With the exception of a few neighbors, there really aren’t many people in the vicinity of the treehouse, which allows for a very serene and peaceful stay.” 

All of this information comes from and all of the properties listed here can be booked through

I think all of the tree houses look cool and someday I would like to try one for a weekend. How about you? 

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