The White River and Irving Peak fires are slowly burning through 3,000 acres, with containment remaining at 1 percent.

The White River Fire has amassed 1,089 acres, and the Irving Peak fire has blazed through 1,829 acres.

The fires are roughly 15 miles from Plain and are still burning in areas where firefighters can’t reach safely.

There is an additional fire near Hidden Lake, southwest of Lake Wenatchee, that is 0.1 acre large. Both Team 8 and Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue worked together on quickly controlling that fire.

The southeast corner of the White River Fire was the most active, nearly reaching the Wenatchee Ridge in certain places. Helicopter crews continued to drop water while crews on the ground continued clearing fuels away from the southeast corner. 

For the Irving Peak Fire, crews burned dry debris between the fire’s edge and the 6504 Road. Fire growth is expected to burn downslope, with the White River Fire torching trees along the way.

Team 8 shared that the Irving Peak fire reached Forest Road 6504, which is a critical anchor point for firefighters to push back on the blaze’s edge.

This week’s forecasted dry weather and increased winds may make the fires more active along steep slopes and ridge tops.

There are currently 363 personnel working on both fires, including five helicopters, 13 engines, one dozer, two masticators, and six water tenders. Crews will continue to place new and reinforce existing fire lanes and remove potential fuels from the fire’s path.

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