Potholes. You love to hate them, and this is the time of year when you see the biggest problems. Wintertime is always the worst for potholes. They are no fun to drive over or around, and they can cost you some serious money for car repairs. 

You see, first you get ice and snow. The deicer starts to seep into the pavement. And then when the temperature drops again, the water freezes, expands, crack. You got a crack in the road; it exposes another pothole. Even a small pothole can create a lot of damage. 

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Announces $90 Million Road Infrastructure Project
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According to AAA,
“American drivers spend nearly $3 billion a year fixing car damage caused by potholes.” 

The average. Repair bill from a pothole incident can cost about $306. 

according to quotewizard.com,
“Minnesota has the worst potholes in the nation, with California, Washington and Indiana close behind. Our team of analysts looked at Google search statistics since January 2023. We found that Minnesota has more searches for pothole-related complaints than any other state. Wyoming, West Virginia and New Hampshire have the fewest pothole issues.” 

Hurray were #3. In a field of 50. 

San Francisco Road Crew Work To Repair Pot Holes Caused By Season's Massive Amount Of Rain Fall
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How about individual cities with potholes? Who's the worst?
According to quotewizard.com.
“Certain cities are particularly plagued by potholes. Los Angeles has the biggest pothole problem in the nation, but three cities in Washington state are also high on the list.” 

OK, now here's a crazy statistic. according to quotewizard.com,
“Watch out if you’re between the ages of 35 and 44. Recent research indicates potholes may be out to get you. Drivers in this age range reported more pothole damage than any other age group, with almost one-third of drivers saying they’ve dealt with pothole damage in the last year.  

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Announces $90 Million Road Infrastructure Project
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I have read and heard stories about citizens who are so fed up with potholes they start planting trees in them. 

Watch Where You Drive: Why is Boise Overwhelmed With Pot Holes?

Is it just us, or does the Treasure Valley seem to be absolutely covered with potholes these days?

Gallery Credit: Stephanie Gull


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