Fox news is reporting that Burger King is offering a million-dollar prize. For whoever can create the best version of the Whopper for Burger King. 

Burger King says that this is the first time they have "put the sandwich in the hands (and creativity) of its guests." The original Whopper. debuted in 1957. 

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They go on to say,
"Calling all flame-grilled fanatics, culinary creators and A.I. aficionados – Burger King, the home of the flame-grilled Whopper sandwich, has a million-dollar question for you: how would you top your Whopper?"
"The flame-grilled Whopper currently offers more than 200,000 possible customized combinations, but if you've ever wanted to top the flavorful burger with savory sensations or sweet and sour showstoppers, then your moment to shine has officially arrived." 

Here is how it works.

Go to the BK Contest website. Use the link is below.
Win $1M for Your Million Dollar Whopper! | Burger King - Burger King ( 

When you get to the website. You just enter the contest and then you get to create with the help of a Burger King AI system. Ultimately 3 finalists will be chosen, and they will be invited to the Burger King headquarters in Miami to refine their offerings before they show up on menus nationally for a limited time. At that point customers get to vote on the three new Whopper creations and decide which one they like the most. The whopper with the most votes wins and that finalist will get $1 million.

Burger King Chief Marketing Officer Pat O'Toole said in a statement.
"And, whether or not your Whopper ends up in restaurants nationwide, we're giving Guests the opportunity to experience and share their creation using the power of A.I. technology."    

Now, I'm thinking at this point there's a whole lot of horrible pop possibilities or some really tasty ones. I thought they pulled pork BBQ Whopper sounded great. Maybe the Surf and Turf whopper? How about the Club Sandwich Whopper? How about the kimchi shrimp Whopper? I don't think the Burger King AI would let me do it, but I'm thinking a deep-fried bacon and Cheese Whopper.

Good luck to you. I'm looking forward to trying out your creations. 

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