It looks like a summer fast food frenzy. McDonald's is rolling out a burger that has been off the menu for a while. And Burger King has just decided to give away a whole bunch of free food in July.  

Let's start off with McDonald's. 

For Mickey D's, they're bringing two things back starting Wednesday the 10th. The smoky BLT Quarter Pounder with cheese and the new Kit Kat Mcflurry. Now you know I'm a sucker for fast food. (It's easy to see if you have ever seen a photo of me.) I try hard to maintain my pear-shaped physique.

The burger is basically McDonald's take on a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, only with a quarter pound beef Patty. So, you have a slice of American cheese, three strips of bacon. Some fresh tomato, shredded lettuce plus the quarter pound patty and there is smoky BLT sauce. (Whatever that is). On that famous toasted sesame seed bun.  

Update, (7/10/24) I tried the burger here's what I think. 

Photo by dave keefer
Photo by dave keefer

When I first ordered it I wasn't quite sure because it's basically an $8 burger. I got back to work took it out-of-the-box and wow, it's big. It's actually not one Patty, but two patties, the smokehouse sauce is pretty good. Lots of lettuce, two big slices of tomato, The bacon. (Or a baconlike substance). It's not something I would buy every day. But it was pretty good. Not sure if it's worth 8 bucks, you be the judge. 

Photo by dave keefer
Photo by dave keefer

Just remember, I'm doing this for you.

The Kit Kat Mcflurry is a whole different story. Basically, you get your vanilla ice cream soft serve, and they blend it with real banana. (OK, that's good.) Strawberry clusters, and crunchy pieces of Kit Kat. I've never been a big Mcflurry fan, I don't know that I'm going to start now but if you've got a sweet tooth, it'll probably work for you.

Mickey D's is also rolling out a new dipping sauce for your Nuggets. It's called “special grade garlic sauce”. Basically, it's garlic and soy sauce balanced with some sweetness. It'll be available at McDonald's, starting July 9th. Just remember to ask for it when you get your chicken Nuggets. 

Now let's move on to Burger King. 

Fast Food Giant Burger King
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B.K. has a bunch of promotions that they are rolling out for July. Including free food that customers can unlock with a small purchase. They're tying all the deals to celebrating the month of July. You've got National Grilling Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Ice cream Day, National French Fry Day and national drive through day. (Celebrate them all and collect the trading cards.)

Burger King is also going to add a few new things to the menu this summer, including the Philly Royal Crispy Wrap. A Patty melt and mozzarella fries.  

Proof once again that all of these fast-food outlets are just trying to kill me. 

I will be updating this article later today to fill you in on the BLT Quarter Pounder with cheese. (It’s what's for lunch) 

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