Call it work experience or you can call it life experience. There are ways that you can get college credits from just doing your job. Now, this is not a new thing, of course. The US Army has done it for years. And there is something called Advanced Placement when you're moving from high school to college where you can waive certain classes because you are fluent in a foreign language. 

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according to,
The U.S. military took the idea further in recent decades. It worked with the American Council on Education to build a comprehensive database of how its jobs and training programs translate to college credit.” 

Let's look at what’s going on now. 

Wal-Mart has got something called the Wal-Mart Academy, and guess what? Some of those classes in Wal-Mart Academy can transfer to college credit. Believe it or not this is a good thing for Wal-Mart as well as the Wal-Mart employee.  

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It turns out McDonald's has their own program. They have been working with some community colleges to build a path for them to convert their job skills to college credit. They have over a dozen short form certificates and 25 training courses. In tech, leadership, and Digital operations.

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Companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft even Jiffy Lube also offer training programs that give you credits that are transferable.  

Educators are hoping that this is going to attract adults to higher education. 

I wonder if I can apply any of my on-the-job experience to College Credit. 

Photo by dave keefer
Photo by dave keefer

I could get a Batchlers degree in wisecracking. 

College credit for working your job? Walmart, McDonald’s are trying it : NPR
All Learning Counts at Walmart: 5 Ways We’re Investing in More Opportunities To Grow 

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