Are you ready for the Fast-Food “value meal” wars. 

In the fast-food world, prices have been rising over the last several months and now consumers are revolting and fast-food franchises like Wendy's and McDonald's have noticed. 

Let's start with McDonald's.

McDonald's is reintroducing the $5 Value meal. When they originally brought it out, it was only in a few cities, but now it's going nationwide. The problem is some of the franchise owners don't want to do the $5 value meal because it will cause them to lose money. They're hoping to get some kind of subsidy from McDonald's corporate to fill the gap.
McDonald's is getting some help from Coca-Cola in order to pay for this promotion, but it's not going to cover the entire expense. Franchise owners are fearful that it's going to come out of their pockets. Still, a $5 value meal is a pretty powerful enticement. (The promotion will only last one month.) 

Meanwhile at Wendy's.

Their counterpunch is the five-dollar "Biggie Bag" and the three-dollar breakfast meal my buddy Lon just had one this morning. (he was all excited) In it you get a bacon egg and cheese or sausage egg and cheese muffin with Seasoned potatoes.

Both of these items from both of these stores are a result of consumers being upset at paying upwards of $10.00 for a fast-food hamburger, I don't blame them. Don't even get me started about how much hamburgers cost when I was in high school. I get depressed when I think about how old I am now and how young I was then. 

According to,
In summary, the introduction of Wendy’s $3 breakfast combo and McDonald’s $5 meal deal illustrates the fast-food industry’s strategy to address consumer frustration over high prices and economic pressure.”

Now, if you were to talk to my sister Jenny, she would tell you that I'm crazy to be even thinking about eating any of this food. (She is a very healthy eater.) she is probably correct, but I still love fast-food even if fast-food doesn't love me.  

And besides, it is hard to say goodbye to your first love. 

 Wendy’s Joins McDonald’s in Launching New Value Meal as Fast Food Wars Heat Up ( 

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