Management at Confluence Health is resting easier after concerns were raised when the photo of a woman secretly leaving a hospital with a two-day old baby emerged.

There was worry that the photo was leading people to believe that there was actually a baby theft at Central Washington Hospital after it appeared on social media with a caption asking for public help to locate the infant.

But Confluence Health says the exact same photo with a similar caption appeared on social media hours earlier in Laredo, Texas.

The health care provider says it has concluded the photo was a hoax after it was debunked as a scam by the press in Laredo.

The photo shows a woman dressed as a nurse cradling the baby in a blanket while walking through what appears to be a busy hospital entrance/exit hall.

Katie Grove with Confluence Health sent an email to Wenatchee media late Wednesday with the title "Scam - Portraying Wenatchee Child Abduction."


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