Americans love their dogs. Little dogs, big dogs, long hair and short hair, wagging tails, and a strong desire to be our best friends keep our canine chums near the top of the charts in our hearts.

If you're a dog-lover like me, you probably have heard of the most popular dog breeds in the USA, but you might be surprised to learn which one is the most Googled.

Most Searched Dog Breed in Washington, Oregon, and California

A recent study conducted by pet well-being experts at reveals something that was quite shocking to me. The number one most-Googled dog breed in America is the Cane Corso. Not the Labrador Retriever, not the Golden, not the French Bulldog, not the German Shephard. The Cane Corso is Googled most in 46 of 50 states, including Washington, Oregon. It was #2 in California, as Saint Bernard was #1.

Now, when I first read that, I thought, no way. I don't think enough people even know the breed. Many are familiar with the Cane Corso if they see one, but I think more people might think of Cane Corso as a professional wrestler before a breed of dog. I even went around our office and asked people if they'd ever heard of the breed. Everyone said no, except for one, who happens to have a Cane Corso.

Champion Canines Compete At Annual Westminster Dog Show
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Golden Retrievers 6th Most Googled Dog Breed in America

My Golden Retrievers, Tater and Clover, aren't going to take this news lying down!

Well, actually, they did.

Brian Stephenson
Brian Stephenson


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