The Grant County Sheriff's Office is warning the public about a familiar scam that's once again making the rounds.

Sheriff's spokesperson Kyle Foreman says the scam involves a phone call with someone who falsely claims to be a sergeant with the sheriff's office.

"He claims that you must call him about a contact order that requires an immediate response and he also says it's 'imperative' that he receives a call back."

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Foreman says the calls use a spurious Tri-Cities phone number and those who return the scammer's call will be asked to provide sensitive personal information, as well as sending money using a wire transfer or pre-paid credit card.

"The scammer is probably outside the country, so there's very little that we can do about them and if you do give them money, that money will be lost and you'll never get it back. So if someone calls you identifying themselves as a law enforcement officer or a member of any other public safety organization and tries pressuring you into taking action, just hang up - it's a scam."

The latest round of calls have reportedly involved the scammer using the name of a former Grant County Sheriff's Office sergeant who's been retired from the agency for about three years.

Foreman added that no one from the sheriff's office will ever call anyone and request a money transfer to a new bank account to help catch a fraudster; ask for a credit or debit card PIN or online banking information; request the transfer of money to anyone for any reason; arrange an in-person collection of cash or personal information; or threaten arrest due to an overdue payment or anything similar.

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