Aw the Holiday favorites like, our favorite holiday drink, dessert, even favorite places to shop during the holidays. One question though that I personally love answering is,

"What's your favorite Christmas Movie??"

to which I answer,

"The Santa Clause"

You know the one with Tim Allen. I think there 3 or 4 sequels as well too. Ya, it isn't Christmas at my house until that movie has played atleast a dozen times. Does the rest of Washington State agree with me though? Surely! Let's find out.

Favorite Holiday Movies around the States:

Alaska - Frosty the Snowman

Alaska and Oklahoma are the only two states who have Frosty as their favorite.

Texas - The Santa Clause

Massachusetts, Minnesota as well as Maryland call Tim Allen their favorite as well!

Oregon - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Ohio and Missouri have the Red-Nosed Reindeer as their favorite too! Such a classic!

Florida - Scrooged

Floride was the only state to claim this Christmas Classic. Way-ta stand out!

Tennessee & Minnesota - Violent Night

I just have a simple question for those in Tennessee and Minnesota... Who hurt you?!

Ilinois - Miracle on 34th Street

Georgia has this in common with Illinois as well!

We still haven't answered the question of Washington State's favorite holiday movie. Is it "The Grinch," "Elf?!" Surely a classic! Right?!

Washington State's Favorite Christmas Movie Is...

Christmas With the Kranks

I mean, ok so Tim Allen is still a leading role in the movie, so not too far off from my personal favorite. But really Washington? The Kranks? Tim Allen is pretty funny in the movie after all, I mean I love when the "bad guy" has to scramble to make things right and with the ending of "be thankful for those around you," message, it is a sweet message for us during the Holiday's to remember to not get too greedy! And things can change with a snap of the fingers. Enjoy Washington!

Check out the all the States, here.

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