They are all beautiful and they are not real.  

Beautiful curvy, AI generated influencers. And now they have their own beauty contest coming in May. According to
The tech-tastic extravaganza — an offshoot of the World AI Creator Awards (WAICAs), which recognizes artificial intelligence content creators across the global — will welcome digital divas who’ve been designed to dazzle the eye, mind and internet.” 

This is the world's first beauty pageant for AI generated models. The panel of judges will be comprised of some humans and also AI generated influencers. (It brings the term “clickbait” to a whole new level.) 

Youtube nut AI generated. this is actual robot.

If they really want to make this contest work for me, what they need to do is show the AI generated Influencer And then they need to show a picture of whoever created it. That will really tell the story.  

I realized the stereotype of this kind of person, this creator if you will. Is an overweight 35-year-old dude living in his grandparents' basement working in his pajamas with a case of Red Bull and half eaten two-day old pizza on the couch.  

Here is how sketchy this whole thing is. I am not even allowed to show you the actual AI entrants in this contest because we don't have image rights to include them in this article. (If you want to see them, check out the links below.) 

The thing you need to keep in mind through all of this is that in the background, is that these AI generated influencers are making money.  

youtube Not AI generated. Another real robot.
youtube Not AI generated. Another real robot.

According to,
Lopez, a 25-year-old pink-haired AI fitness model with over 306,000 Instagram fans, rakes in over $11,000 a month thanks to her ultra-hot posts. Pellegrini, the bodacious brunette brainchild of Fanvue creators, earned an eye-popping $10,000 in the first six weeks of her career as lusty clickbait.” 

The operative word here is influencer. These images and their responses. Are being created for the sole purpose of influencing you to do something, to buy something, to click on something so that they can make money. 


All of the contestants will be judged on the usual beauty pageant tropes. Beauty, poise, Scripted answers to stupid questions. Contestants, (These are the creators now.) will be judged on their use of AI tools that they use to create their entries and “their engagement numbers with fans.” 

The prize, the coveted “Miss AI” crown. And cash. 🍆 

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