One of the complaints I hear from people from time to time about why they would not buy an electric vehicle is the price. They say it's too expensive and for some people that may be true. Well, in Washington state, that's about to change.  

there's a new program that's going to start up in august from the Washington state department of commers that has been designed to help. Make EV’s more affordable for people in middle- and low-income tax brackets.

According to,
Starting this August, the Washington State Department of Commerce will offer up to $9,000 in instant rebates toward the lease of a new EV. Other incentives will also be available for used battery-powered cars and new EV purchases.” 

So, you can take the $9000 rebate if you lease an electric car. Or you could take a $5000 rebate if you buy an electric car in Washington state. Then you take other incentives from Washington state like tax exemptions for zero emission vehicles. Add to that a potential $7500 rebate on the federal level and now you're looking at some pretty sweet deals.

According to The state Department of Commerce explained it this way.
“A dealer is advertising a three-year lease at $239 per month with $1,999 due at signing – for a total lease cost of $10,364 ($1,999 + $239 x 35 months). For the qualifying customer, a $9,000 state EV Instant Rebate brings the lease cost down to $1,364. The dealer applies a $500 lease fee and a $200 documentation fee, and collects state and local transit, title and registration fees of $734, making the final lease total $2,798, or $78 per month over the 36-month agreement.”

Using this math, here are just a few examples of what you could probably score. For a three-year lease deal on a new electric vehicle. 

  • Toyota bZ4X – $56 
  • Hyundai Kona – $78 
  • Nissan Leaf – $87 
  • Hyundai Ioniq 6 – $93 
  • Subaru Solterra – $123 
  • Kia Niro Wind – $135 

Now there are some eligibility requirements. I mean we're talking mid-income and low-income families. So, what is the definition of mid income and low income? 

According to,
the annual income for a family of four needs to be below $93,600 and the car’s MSRP has to be lower than $90,000. In the case of single-person households, the annual income needs to be below $45,180.”

If you qualify and you're inclined to do so you can wind up with a brand-new electric vehicle before the end of the year, if you wish. 

This instant EV rebate program is only funded through June 2025 or until the funding is used up. That pencils out to be between 6500 and 8000 rebates, so this is not something you want to sit and wait on. If you are so inclined, this is something you want to get ready to do Soon.

Now you may be saying to yourself, wait a minute, what about infrastructure? As far as infrastructure goes, Chelan and Douglas counties are both in better shape than most and infrastructure across the state will continue to improve. 

You need to learn as much as you can in order to make the best decision. Start by reading about the vehicles. Figure out what you really need. Contact the dealership of your choice.
And also talk to these guys. (click the link below)

Plug-In North Central Washington (

They might have good advice on whether going electric is right for you. 

Full disclosure, going electric was the right move for me. But it might not be right for you.
Remember, knowledge is power.

You Can Lease An EV For As Low As $56 A Month In Washington State ( 

Ready, set, drive electric: State instant rebate program to help more consumers choose electric vehicles - Washington State Department of Commerce
EV Instant Rebate Program - Washington State Department of Commerce 

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