It's no big secret that I'm a fan of electric cars. I've been driving electric for over five years now. If all you need is a daily driver and you're not expecting to do long trips, you might want to investigate this. 
For me it's not a "blue state" "eco warrior" thing. It's a save money in the long run thing.

Even with the extra electric car surcharge on your License tabs you will still save money. and right now, the technology is mature enough that good used electric vehicles are available. 

The first thing you want to do is. Research the products and decide which way you want to go. Your first stop is This is a local organization that provides a hub where you can do a lot of research.

Next, do you want to go new or used? There are federal rebates available up to $7500 for new electric cars but, there are only 12 models. Eligible in 2024 so far. It's possible that this might change later in the year. has an article that lists all new vehicles that are eligible for federal rebates. Use this link Here Are All The EVs And Hybrids That Get A Tax Credit In 2024 ( 
If you're looking for used, there are some good deals out there, but you need to be careful. A used $10,000 electric car can turn into a $20,000 electric car if the battery is bad. If you're buying from a dealer, make sure it's someone you trust. If you're buying online, make sure there's a way for you to test the battery before you take delivery.

Volkswagen Seeks Strong Access To Electric Market With ID.3 And ID.4 Cars
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I was driving down N Wenatchee Ave. the other day and noticed a nice BMW I3 sitting on their lot, The I3 is an electric sub compact with a range of 150 miles at full charge. Something to keep in mind though is that normally you don't want to run your battery charge above 80%. BMW stopped building the I3 in 2022. Again, the important thing here is what state the battery is in.

With the price of electricity in Chelan and Douglas counties, it really does make sense to look into an electric car or bike. As a daily driver. If you're going on long trips, it may not be as practical for you. 

I love my electric car. It makes me smile every time I drive by a gas station. 


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