The short answer is not completely but you may have an advantage. 

Statistics show that car theft is going up in the United States. Car theft increased by 2% in 2023 in the US.

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“A separate set of data published in April 2023 that looks at 2020-2022 model year vehicles from the Highway Loss Data Institute reveals all-electric models, like the Tesla Model 3, are frequently less targeted by thieves than internal combustion engine cars.” 

Don't get me wrong, if you have an electric car, somebody wants to steal it. Just not as many. The question is why? There could be any number of reasons. Let's look at Tesla for instance. One of the things that Tesla has going for it Is “sentry mode”. 

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Almost any modern Tesla's manufactured in the last seven years have many cameras on the outside of the vehicle. They are primarily used for driver assist. What Tesla does that is different is that they have what they call “sentry mode”. When the car is in sentry mode everything that the cameras see is recorded and stored on a USB drive. At that point any car accident, vandalism, or attempted theft is recorded. Sometimes from several different angles and you can provide that video to the police. This feature has come in handy for many owners over the years. 

Electric Car Tax Exemptions To End In 2025
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Another reason why electric cars are not targeted as much for theft is where they might be transported and sold. says,
“In the past, it was enough to just get away with the stolen vehicle for its scrap value, taking it to a shop to cut it up and sell the parts, etc. Nowadays, however, it's more likely the thieves, if organized enough, are attempting to ship and sell the vehicle as a used car in a different market—overseas.” 

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If there is little or no infrastructure for electric vehicles in the country that the car is going to be sold to there's very little market for that stolen vehicle. Why steal it if you can't sell it? 

one more factor would be that most electric vehicles are newer and packed with technology that helps the owner track where the car is.  

Several Major Automakers Pledge To Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Network Throughout U.S.
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Now I didn't buy my electric car because I thought it was theft proof. I bought my electric car because every time I drive past a gas station, I get a warm feeling deep down inside. Not necessarily because I think I'm saving the planet. It's because I know I'm saving money. 

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