Stranger Things "it-dude" and Metallica air-guitarist Joseph Quinn is enjoying his 15 minutes, having interviewed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Monday night (July 25). The actor that plays Eddie Munson recounted to Fallon what it was like to do the "Master of Puppets" scene in the final episode, a moment that propelled the song higher onto the music charts than it's ever been before.

“It was kinda nerve-wracking,” said the British-born Quinn. “But it was at a weird point in the pandemic where no one had seen any live music for ages. And it was me and Gaten (Matarazzo)…and it was so fun. I was nervous, but it was kind of like a rock concert. And I got to feel like a rock star for one night. And that was pretty great.”

Stranger Things' Joseph Quinn with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show YouTube
The Tonight Show YouTube

When Fallon mentioned that "Master of Puppets" was 40 years old and experiencing the height of fame "because of you (pointing at Quinn)" the actor deadpanned, "No royalties, though."

It's a fun interview, particularly the last part where Fallon makes Quinn perform scenes from Stranger Things using different accents. Also it's nice as Quinn seems genuinely grateful for his success.

You can watch the interview below, and there is no shortage of all things Joseph Quinn/Eddie Munson to digest. From Tye Trujillo really playing the part that Munson jammed, to Vecna's black metal ties, to getting the real mood ring that Munson wore in the show. Halloween is only three months away, after all.

Joseph Quinn on The Tonight Show July 25, 2022

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