UPDATE (Oct. 19, 2022) — KISS have just unveiled the latest addition to their signature spirit line with a new "Navy Strength" bottle of their signature Cold Gin, which is out now and will also be available on this year's KISS Kruise.

It carries an ABV of 57 percent and the naming, according to a press release, "dates back to the 18th century when the British Navy stored their spirits next to gunpowder" and "should the gin barrels split, spilling their liquid into the gunpowder, the higher strength content, a minimum of 57% alc/vol, ensured the gunpowder would still explode." See photos of the Navy Strength gin below and, to purchase, head here.

Back in 1974, KISS sang, "It's cold gin time again," and now, for the very first time, it's Cold Gin time for fans as the band has just announced the arrival of their own signature bottle of the popular spirit.

The 700 mL bottle of 40 percent ABV (alcohol by volume) retails for $39.99 and is the latest addition in a continued line of KISS-branded alcohol, which previously included three other products — KISS Black Diamond (dark rum), KISS Detroit Rock Rum (Dominican rum) and KISS Monstrum (ultimate premium dark rum).

Commenting on the band's very first venture outside of rum, Paul Stanley exclaimed, "Now it REALLY is 'Cold Gin time.' If gin is your thing, then this is the one to bring. Like the song, this one's a classic!"

Head to the dedicated KISS Cold Gin website for purchasing information, where you will also find a launch promotion that includes one of four specialized guitar picks with an order of one bottle. Buy four bottles in a combo deal to obtain all four picks, each resembling the face paint worn by the band's four iconic members.

View the tasting notes, per a press release, further below.

KISS, Navy Strength Cold Gin

KISS Navy Strength Gin
KISS Kollection
KISS Kollection

KISS Cold Gin Tasting Notes

KISS Cold Gin
KISS Catalog Ltd/Epic Rights

Nose – spicy with clear tones of juniper, a generous aroma and classic gin character.

Palate – well balanced with clear character of juniper, citrus and herbs, lemon peel and angelica root.

Finish – intensifies and grows in the mouth. Full bodied, clear and lasting character of juniper with a dry finish which is distinctively crisp and maintains an astringent character.

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