At some point in our lives, we have to deal with a certain amount of anxiety. We're anxious about work, about our parents, about our kids, about things that we have absolutely no control over. Sometimes we're just anxious about being anxious. 

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If the anxiety is too great, sometimes your brain just locks up and you disconnect from everything. You become emotionally and sometimes physically paralyzed, you can't do a thing. You can get therapy and it does help, but it's costly and it takes time. Clinically, it's called general anxiety disorder. There is a company called MindMed that's doing clinical trials Using a form of LSD, (lysergide d-tartrate). 

LSD has been around since 1938. when it was discovered by Albert Hofmann at the Sandoz pharmaceutical company in Switzerland. At the time they just thought it was some useless byproduct. But from 1947 on they marketed it with claims of curing Everything from criminal behavior to schizophrenia. This new study from MindMed Indicates that it's “highly effective” at treating. General anxiety disorder.  

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The results were so remarkable that the Food and Drug Administration (the organization that approves new drugs in the US) has designated this a “breakthrough” drug. This means the FDA will work closely with MindMed during the next phase of testing in humans (called “phase 3”). This is where a larger group, usually up to 3,000 patients, is tested.” 

Now it's not time to get carried away with this thing. More research is necessary right now, it's very promising. 

LSD shows promise as anxiety treatment in new study (
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