You have heard me whine for years about how I would love to have a Red Lobster here in Wenatchee, WA. Well, now the rumor is. That Red Lobster is heading for bankruptcy. (It is a rumor, but a pretty good one.) I love Red Lobster. The last time I went to Red Lobster was when I was in the tri-cities. It was a wonderful experience. (I like them biscuits.) so now the word is out that they are Looking at filing Chapter 11.

This has got me a little bit bummed out. The last time I felt this way was back when Skippers decided to call it a day. All you can eat fish and chips for lunch. (It was awesome.) 

According to,
According to Bloomberg, Red Lobster is considering a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in hopes of restructuring its debts. The company has reportedly received advice from law firm King & Spalding and is hoping to get out of long-term contracts and renegotiate leases in the process.”

They say that pandemic labor costs and all you can eat promotions, ($20 endless shrimp.) has wound up costing Red Lobster $11 million just in the third quarter. Since then, they've raised the price to $25. But that ain't going to get them their $11 million back anytime soon. 

If there is any good news about this, it's that they will not be closing their doors, at least not any time soon so you still have some time to get in for some great seafood.

(I don't think endless shrimp is coming back anytime soon.)

Red Lobster Is Reportedly Heading For Bankruptcy After Losing Millions On Endless Shrimp ( 

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