One of the biggest roadblocks to introducing EVs into a metropolitan area like Seattle is the lack of residential charging stations. Landlords just can't afford to install multiple charging stations at their apartment complexes.

Now the Washington Department of Commerce electric vehicle charging program is stepping up by allocating $25.6 million for its first round of electrification of 148 multifamily housing properties in Washington state. 

Partnering in this project is Wallbox a manufacturer of level 2 charging stations And COIL an EV charging station installation service.

According to,
“The project will utilize Pulsar Pro AC Level 2 chargers, Wallbox’s latest EV charger, designed specifically for commercial and multifamily residential use in the North American market.” 

The problem of living in an apartment. And driving an EV was brought home to me when I was talking to my youngest son. He told me about a nephew who drives an EV but he's thinking about selling it and going back to an “ICE” car because he has no place to charge his EV in his apartment complex. It's things like this that drive me just a little bit crazy.

Wallbox is a very reputable manufacturer of level 2 chargers for commercial and residential uses.  

There is a long list of Level 2 chargers available for the home. If you're interested in doing some shopping, you can go to Amazon, but there's some other locations you can check out as well. Here is a link for you to check it out.
Best Level 2 EV Chargers 2024 (

Just keep in mind the easiest and cheapest way to charge your EV will always be at home.
Wallbox and Partners Awarded $25.6 Million to Deploy EV Chargers at 148 Multifamily Properties Across the State of Washington | Morningstar 

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