With a few exceptions, everybody needs to lose some weight. Lord knows I need to lose probably a lot of weight. I must confess I've been working on it with some small success and then, you know it's a three steps forward, 2 steps back kind of thing. I have consulted my doctor. I have learned about nutrition and portion control. And yes, I have used Ozempic although it is now not covered by my health insurance so I'm looking for a substitute. 


So, what would you say if I said somebody is working on a pill that you can take instead of exercise. (Well, my first reaction is that's just stupid.) Let's not even get into whether you are burning fat or gaining lean body mass or doing both, with a pill? 

Now it used to be back in the day that when somebody used the words diet pills you thought, “oh boy, here we go again. Another scam.” that is not quite the case to Day though. 

According to futurism.com,
As explained in an American Chemical Society press release, trials thus far on SLU-PP-332, the potentially groundbreaking compound in question, show that it seems "capable of mimicking the physical boost of working out." 

Sports nutrition. Whey, BCAA, amino, protein

They are very quick to make sure that you understand that exercise is still necessary. And I want to be quick to emphasize that these are very early trials. They are years away from having anything that somebody could see being approved by the FDA. 

Currently it's in animal trials and they're saying it's at least five years away from humans taking the compound and even then, who knows if it will even be affordable? 


Weight loss drugs right now are a huge business and will continue to get bigger as the years pass, and we become more sedentary in our ways. 

Me? I'm going to continue to work on diet with portion control, increase my physical activity, and somehow try to find some impulse control. (My inner voice says Good luck with that.)  

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