In Wenatchee, what store do you go to for that spur of the moment purchase. It could be a wall clock; it could be a picture frame. A snack, A drying rack for your kitchen. Any number of things can all be found at Target. For me, Target is the 1st place I go when I can't think of the place to go to pick up something I need. (Did that make sense?) 

With very few exceptions, Target is the store that has an aisle for every possible category of merchandise you can think of. The last time I went into a Target store, which was when I was getting my car worked on in Yakima. I needed a USB adapter cable. I could not make the drive home without it. Where would I go to pick up this USB cable? Immediately I thought of Target. 

Target To Close Stores In Several Cities Due To Theft And Violence
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Target, like many stores, now has a self-checkout area which I think is great. I love self-checkout. I use self-checkout all the time when I'm shopping for groceries, go to Costco, and yes, if I have to visit target. 

Target stores now have a new rule for self-checkout in all Washington stores.
according to,
The retail corporation announced Thursday via press release that it would switch its regular self-checkout to express self-checkout. The new concept would be reserved for customers with 10 items or fewer.” 

Christmas Shopping Season is Underway
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So why are they doing this? It's not for the convenience of the customer waiting in line while somebody tries to go through the self-checkout line with 50 things to scan. No, they're doing it because of “shrinkage”. “Shrinkage” is the term that most stores use for shoplifting and there's a lot of shoplifting going on at target and other stores like them. They have found that one of the easiest ways to reduce shrinkage is to keep a close eye on that self-checkout line. 

I don't know about you, but this rule just doesn't impact me. I never go to Target to buy a shopping cart full of stuff. 

Target Quarterly Sales Down Amid Backlash Over Pride Month Products
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I'm the guy that goes to Target And takes 30 minutes to make that $5 purchase. 

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