Cuddles, purring, treats, walk by rub against the legs... These are the things my Miss Mocha does and wants from me. Mocha is my beautiful feline, Kitty kitty. She’s soft, sweet, and just all around awesome! Loves to play and loves to sleep! (Sounds a lot like me hahaha)  

I’ve always had doggos growing up, and had a kitty ONE TIME, my whole life and that was when I was like 3yrs old. So no, I have absolutely no experience in the “Cat Game.” I knew they liked to sleep, and you have to get a kitty litter box, along with treats, toys and maybe even some cat nip. But that was about it.  

Mocha comes from The Wenatchee Humane Society, and they didn’t warn me about this. They didn’t warn me that by picking out a pretty kitty from them would just melt my heart! Have you ever gotten that urge from within when you’re super happy, and cuddly, you “just wanna squeeze it so tight, I can’t even stand it!!!!” In a good way, like an overwhelming feeling of love, and it can’t even be expressed. That’s how I feel towards Mocha. From her quiet meows to her curiosity over my hair ties laying around, that she loves to swat at, I’m seriously in awe over how awesome and how cool of a pair her and I make.  

So, thank you Wenatchee Humane Society for not warning me of the love I'd experience, still wouldn’t have done the feeling justice, but behind your smiles, you know those pets are going to a good “oh my gosh I could just squeeze you, I love you so much,” home.  

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