Is anyone else watching ALL the pumpkin carving shows at the moment? There are so many talented carvers out there and right now you can doubly show off your skills for a great cause this October by entering Camp Prime Time's first-ever virtual pumpkins carving contest!

Ready, Set, Carve Those Pumpkins #ctpumpkin22

Camp Prime Time Virtual Pumpkin Carving Contest 2022

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It all kicked-off October 1st and the winners will be announced on November 2nd so there's plenty of time to find the perfect pumpkin, design, carve and upload your photos to either Instagram or Facebook using the #ctpumpkin22

What is Camp Prime Time?

How it all began

In 1982, two men who had enjoyed the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest were helping two boys with disabilities fish, boat, and enjoy the wilderness. The idea struck; why not find a place to help those who are physically less fortunate learn about the outdoors and experience nature at its best?

To this day camp is held every year full of families looking for adventure while spending time with others facing the struggles and triumphs that come with disabilities. I had a chance to volunteer one weekend, staying in a cabin and cooking meals for the families and it was such a magical time.

Find them on Facebook or Instagram
Virtual Pumpkin Carving Contest

You can make a difference and inspire through pumpkin art this year, donate or volunteer your time. Below are a few tips for novices and happy carving!

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Cindy Ord

Pumpkin Carving Tips

  1. Find a pumpkin that is smooth with no soft spots
  2. Use a serrated spoon for better gutting and don't be afraid to remove layers from the inside because sometimes those babies are thick
  3. Trace out your design beforehand and use a toothpick to outline the design on your pumpkin
  4. Shave your pumpkin instead of carving. Use all kinds of techniques and think outside the box
  5. Light her up with candles or a battery-operated glow for hours in any weather conditions

What Kind of Pumpkin Would You Carve?

Camp Prime Time

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