There is lots of good barbeque in Wenatchee and I have sampled most of it. Brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork, chicken but where are the beef ribs? OK, I have had the beef ribs at The Walk About Grill but I want true “low and slow” dinosaur-sized beef ribs. A few weeks ago on a Saturday, I decided I needed to go for a drive to visit a co-worker and my son, who live in the tri-cities. But that was an excuse because the best beef ribs I have ever tasted are at Porter's in Richland.  


It turns out that it’s been so long since the last time I ate there (pre covid) that they now have four locations. 

So, I called my buddy Lon and my son and we agreed to meet up at Porter's in Richland at around 11:30. I have a lovely drive, find the new location in Richland, take a few pictures and we all go in and order.  


Inside it’s clean and quiet, it looks like we are the first customers of the day. I order a beef rib and a side of mac and cheese. My son John does the same. I also have to get a beef rib to go for my girlfriend or I won’t be allowed to talk to her again. 


Lon gets half a barbeque chicken and mac and cheese. 


First off, the mac and cheese are delicious but the beef rib, yikes it is incredible, just like I remember from three years ago. Don’t get me wrong the brisket is good but the beef ribs flavor is richer and more tender, and the spices in the rub are more pronounced it is the real deal.


This is destination barbeque. Well worth the time on the road and the money. I need to do this again next year. If you live in the tri-cities and haven't tried Porters you are missing out. 

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