The weather outside is frightful. But it’s nothing compared to these movies.

Christmas films are as ingrained in the holiday season as trees and wreaths and lights. Whole cable channels are dedicated to endless airings of cheerful Yuletide comedies and romances. People love Christmas movies. And with good reason; the best Christmas movies are about more than a single holiday. They’re remind us of the importance of universal values like charity, generosity, community, and family.

Those are the best Christmas movies. The worst Christmas movies are about other stuff: Talking snowmen, Ice Cream Bunnies, office Christmas parties, puppets with dead eyes, Nazi rat monsters, bad prosthetic makeup effects, and occasionally a defensive need to defend every single aspect of the holiday, no matter how commercialized or crass. To those unwatchable paeans to the spirit of Christmas, this list of cinematic lumps of coal is humbly dedicated. Enjoy — but watch them yourself only at your own extreme peril.

(If you’re looking for a good Christmas movie to watch, this list is a good place to start. And It’s a Wonderful Life is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. It’s the ultimate Christmas film — but it’s great just about any time of year as well. Or you could watch Santa With Muscles. It’s really up to you.)

The Worst Christmas Movies Ever

Ho ho ho — these movies stink.

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