Every office has one. A co-worker who poaches food in the office. You come to work, you put your lunch in the fridge, and when it’s lunchtime your food is gone. It could be a snack on your desk that you are saving for later and you get up to go to a meeting, and when you come back, it’s gone.  



The other day I bought a fruit pie, you know the kind. When I got back to the studio, I left it on the counter and forgot about it. So now it’s been a couple of days and each day I see it and say to myself, “I need to eat that” and then I don’t.

Now it’s been four days and I come into work in the morning, I’m getting ready to do The Big Rock Show and I notice my pie is gone. Some rat pie poacher in the building took my pie! Now I’m upset. I’m angry for the next hour and a half thinking about my pie napper and what I would like to say to them. I step out of the studio for some reason and when I come back in, I look up, and I see Mort. Mort has my pie. I had no idea Mort even liked pie. 




Well now I’m feeling silly and I realize it’s just a fruit pie, get over it. Besides Mort needs to put on a little weight. 

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