Much like when The Beatles swept through America and dominated the musical landscape, now pickleball seems to have taken over America. It seems like everywhere you look public tennis courts are being converted into public pickleball courts. This is certainly the case in Eastern Washington. 

Pickleball - Mixed Doubles Play

I have no experience with this new sport, although I'd have played ping pong once or twice. And my parents tried to get me interested in tennis when I was young, but it didn't take. 

Now comes an announcement from “Pickleball Kingdom”, a Sports Club that is selling franchises. Pickleball Kingdom was originally planning on opening 2 clubs in the state of Washington. But now, with an almost evangelical zeal, they are planning on rolling out clubs across Washington State.

According to, John Hylton says,
“Pickleball Kingdom is now on a mission to revolutionize how the sport is played and experienced through its proprietary indoor clubs in Washington.” 

Pickleball Kingdom is expanding across the US. Pickleball Kingdom is expanding across the US. And is actively soliciting people who are interested in having a franchise. And is actively soliciting people who are interested in having a franchise.

By focusing on state-of-the-art indoor facilities. Pickleball Kingdom feels. That they can create. a true gathering space for our communities to play, to have fun, and to compete!” 

And just like any sport that has started in somebody's backyard. In America, we have figured out a way to turn it into a professional sport and make money off of it. 

Pickleball Orange County Cup
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So, I must ask the question. Is Pickleball poised to take over the world? I can see a possible future where Pickleball is used to settle legal disputes. Instead of challenging someone to mortal combat to settle issues of honor, just play a game of Pickleball. The winner takes all. 

Pickleball Kingdom To Be Everywhere In Washington | | 

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